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Toyota Highlander Custom Cargo Liner

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“I drive everywhere with my two dogs and I’m so worried that they’ll ruin my”

We hear this all the time. Let’s face it, your’s brand new interior and your dogs don’t mix well. Whether it’s shedding dogs, muddy dogs, wet dogs, or drooling dogs you need complete protection.

1) The Time of Cleaning

Cleaning up after their dog hair and messes can be a hassle. Takes a lot of TIME.

2) The Cost of Cleaning & Resale Value

Whether it’s receiving a professional interior cleaning or having to replace your vehicle’s interior carpet, these will cost a lot of $$$$. People lose thousands of dollars on trade-in value if they have a damaged interior.

3) All Cargo Liners Weren’t Created Equal

Most cargo liners on the market are cheap, made in a factory overseas, and are made to fit one interior (and probably not your These liners barely line the bottom of the vehicle let alone the sides and back of the seats.

4) Cheap Materials Equals Lack of Protection

Cheap materials leave scratches in the liner and ultimately, scratches in your vehicle’s interior. They dont fit correctly, get bunched up, and leave major areas of your cargo space exposed to dog hair, messes, and scratches.

Custom Cargo Liner Infographic

Custom Cargo Liners for the

For over 20 years, we attempted to make the perfect solution for traveling with dogs in your The result is a hand made, waterproof, custom made cargo liner that wraps your floor, sides, and back of the rear seats.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Amy Clark

Excellent protection of the whole back of the car. Makes clean up with dogs easy and the material doesn't hold on to odors so my car doesn't smell like wet dog. Very satisfied and would 100% reccomend for protecting the back of the car from dogs.

Peggy Eckert
Cargo liner

Love it , ordered it for my new Highlander so my dog can enjoy riding with me.

Honest review

I purchased the rear cargo liner for my new Toyota SUV. Installation was easy, the dog hair does not stick and is easy to vacuum out. A couple of Velcro pieces have come unstuck from the heat here in Utah, but I push it back to re-stick it. I had a different brand before this cargo liner, and prefer this one based on how easy the dog hair cleans up. I highly recommend the product and am glad I went with this one. I would definitely purchase again.

walt Coffman
Fit perfectly 2017 Highlander

Material is just right to protect from pets or shopping (Would not be good for hauling concrete (ha)). Not only does it fit but it looks good too. This is our second one (other was for a Jeep Grand Cherokee) and we'll be back.

Paul B
Best Cover Available - at a premium price

Purchased for an 2018 Highlander. Delivery was quick, but I am glad I used the option of UPS to bring into Canada. Much quicker in my view than with Post. They charged taxes and a $10 handling fee. Cargoliner charged a shipping fee as well - as can be expected.
Product is well made and fits fairly well. It’s not perfect, but much better than anything else you could find. Install was straightforward, but it does take some planning. Cleaning the areas for the velcro is very important. Even then, a couple did not stick and even one replacement velcro is not sticking. I imagine a larger piece of velcro will fix that.
One suggestion for the Cargoliner would be to mark the velcro locations with a washable mark on the finished side of the liner. This would make it easier to find all the velcro points and help you to stick them and to make sure you don’t miss any. (Would suggest you do this for yourselves.)
As a customer, one has to remember that Cargoliner is making a product for many makes and years of vehicles with many options. There would be considerable time in building these and then continuing to make/stock them. So I appreciate the premium price.
If you want a liner that will fit your vehicle that is well though out and very versatile - I can change to my 3rd row seating in 2 minutes and remove dog barrier - This is the product to purchase. Be patient on the install and you will be happy with it.