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“I drive everywhere with my two dogs and I’m so worried that they’ll ruin my”

We hear this all the time. Let’s face it, your’s brand new interior and your dogs don’t mix well. Whether it’s shedding dogs, muddy dogs, wet dogs, or drooling dogs you need complete protection.

1) The Time of Cleaning

Cleaning up after their dog hair and messes can be a hassle. Takes a lot of TIME.

2) The Cost of Cleaning & Resale Value

Whether it’s receiving a professional interior cleaning or having to replace your vehicle’s interior carpet, these will cost a lot of $$$$. People lose thousands of dollars on trade-in value if they have a damaged interior.

3) All Cargo Liners Weren’t Created Equal

Most cargo liners on the market are cheap, made in a factory overseas, and are made to fit one interior (and probably not your These liners barely line the bottom of the vehicle let alone the sides and back of the seats.

4) Cheap Materials Equals Lack of Protection

Cheap materials leave scratches in the liner and ultimately, scratches in your vehicle’s interior. They dont fit correctly, get bunched up, and leave major areas of your cargo space exposed to dog hair, messes, and scratches.

Custom Cargo Liner Infographic

Custom Cargo Liners for the

For over 20 years, we attempted to make the perfect solution for traveling with dogs in your The result is a hand made, waterproof, custom made cargo liner that wraps your floor, sides, and back of the rear seats.

Customer Reviews

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Dragos Daniil
Great product

Highly recommend. Great customer service.

Becky R

I have had this liner for over a year now of constant everyday use by two large (usually) muddy dogs. This liner has held up wonderfully with no tears, or visible signs of wear. I had a new 2021 Ford Escape and they didn't have a template for my car yet but since I was living near their shop, they offered to custom fit and install it in my car! All I had to do was drop my car off for the day twice! The gentlemen was very thorough with my wants and needs and gave great recommendations! So I got a perfectly fit liner installed by the masters:)

This liner has seen a lot of use as I have two big dogs and installed this in my construction work vehicle. After a year, I partially removed the liner to vacuum underneath it and there was only a little bit of sand and hair at the zipper seam and fold down edge. The rest was just like new. The liner is really easy to clean. I just have a little broom for the sand and hair and then wipe it down when necessary. The only issue I ran into was that they use velcro on the walls and on those hot California summer days the glue holding the velcro melts. I've had to replace this velcro because the dog hair gets in the glue before it re-solidifies thus loses its sticky. This is minor and no fault of the supplier but just something to look out for.

Overall, this is a great liner that is well worth the investment! It looks great, holds up well, and is perfect for people with pets, work in construction, or recreate a lot in the outdoors!

You know its a good product when a customer goes out of their way a year later to write a review!

Matthew Iles
Great fit, great look, just a few downsides

I'm convinced this is THE BEST product available on the market to achieve the two major needs of pet owners: protection & preservation. Given that the product is custom fit to your vehicle, there are few if any gaps to allow paws/claws to mess anything up. Where I think this company excels is obviously the fit and finish - my vehicle looks outstanding with this product installed (GX460, '14).

A few cons:
1. Because the majority material is vinyl, it definitely gives off a chemical smell when first installed. I anticipate this dissipates over time but something to think about.
2. I ordered the "extra padding" option which seems pretty nice but for $30 they charged, I would expect this padding to be associated with both the 2nd and 3rd row seat covers but it is only on the 3rd row seats, so half of the cover will still be uncomfortable (I'm sure that my dogs actually don't care).
3. While the custom fit is almost mind-bogglingly (sp?) well done, there were a couple places that remain covered that should not have been - a rear driver side 3rd row speaker and the buttons for the 3rd row seat operation in the passenger side wheel well.

But as I said above, I don't think there are any products available that come even close. Plus the customer service was on point. I would give 4.5 stars if I could. For reference, I would give any other product on the market 2 stars or less from what I've seen.

chantal B
chantal B

Love the liner, love the company....The service was absolutely awesome!!! Would definitely recommend both!!!

Mickey N
Mickey N

When we got our new Subaru my wife and I had a slight difference of opinion. She wanted to keep it clean, meaning no dogs, and I wanted the dogs to still travel with us. After doing a great deal of research, I found the Hamilton custom cargo liner, ordered it, and then installed it. We (my wife and me) are both happy. With the liner the dogs can travel and the car is protected. In the picture is our 8yr old shepherd who just finished a 1,300 mile trip with the Hamilton liner.