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Side Door Panels

Side Door Panels

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“I drive everywhere with my two dogs and I’m so worried that they’ll ruin my”

We hear this all the time. Let’s face it, your’s brand new interior and your dogs don’t mix well. Whether it’s shedding dogs, muddy dogs, wet dogs, or drooling dogs you need complete protection.

1) The Time of Cleaning

Cleaning up after their dog hair and messes can be a hassle. Takes a lot of TIME.

2) The Cost of Cleaning & Resale Value

Whether it’s receiving a professional interior cleaning or having to replace your vehicle’s interior carpet, these will cost a lot of $$$$. People lose thousands of dollars on trade-in value if they have a damaged interior.

3) All Cargo Liners Weren’t Created Equal

Most cargo liners on the market are cheap, made in a factory overseas, and are made to fit one interior (and probably not your These liners barely line the bottom of the vehicle let alone the sides and back of the seats.

4) Cheap Materials Equals Lack of Protection

Cheap materials leave scratches in the liner and ultimately, scratches in your vehicle’s interior. They dont fit correctly, get bunched up, and leave major areas of your cargo space exposed to dog hair, messes, and scratches.

Custom Cargo Liner Infographic

Custom Cargo Liners for the

For over 20 years, we attempted to make the perfect solution for traveling with dogs in your The result is a hand made, waterproof, custom made cargo liner that wraps your floor, sides, and back of the rear seats.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Steven Walker
Poor design and quality control

Good construction and materials but the design was awful. The panels do not fit the arm rest and look so the existing access holes do not line up with the controls. They also did not put a hole in the top of the panel for the door lock to protrude through the liner. Someone dropped the ball in design or QC, either way not good....

Jennifer Stedman
Awesome, But……

I love the liner!!! It’s absolutely beautiful!!! But….. the side door panels don’t allow use of the buttons on the door. And the extra thick padding for the floor was barely nothing at all! It installed amazingly but for the price I would have expected a bit more padding and side door button access!


They need more Velcro had to supplement with some I bought that is wider and was much better at staying in place!! Other than that I like them.

Stephen Brownfield
Nice door protectors

The door panels are doing their job of protecting the doors. They clean easily (to wash dog drool off it) with a little dish soap and a damp rag. The fit does not look as nice as the rest of the cargoliner does. This may be because I did not install them correctly. I did not receive installation directions with them and did not ask for them when I saw they missing.

Michael Fruin
Cargo liner

don’t know yet, it’s been to cold to install it, but out other one was great. I will say though that the little velcro strips you sent are not strong enough to hold it in place. On the other one we had I replaced then with 2 inch extra strength velcro. Otherwise your product is great.