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Innotek / 300 Yard Rechargeable Advanced Trainer

Adv-300 Includes:
One Waterproof, Rechargeable Collar Receiver.
One Handheld Training Transmitter.
One 12 Volt, 200 Mamp Dc Adapter.
One Lanyard.
One Probe Wrench.
One Test Light.
Short And Long Probes.
Instructional Video.
Owners Manual
This Innotek Electronic Dog Collar Is Among The Safest, Most Humane And Effective Training Products You Can Buy. Used Properly, The Collar's Electronic Stimulation Serves As A Distraction That Your Dog Will Find Undesirable. By Obeying, Your Dog Quickly Learns To Shut Off The Stimulation, Thus Gaining Confidence In Response To Your Commands. Like Many Of Our Training Products, This Collar Has Adjustable Stimulation Levels. This Feature Allows You To Use The Level That Matches Your Dog's Temperament.
Use Bat-001 Replacement Battery For Remote

Dog Size -- 20-200Lbs
Stimulation Levels -- 7
Collar Range -- 300 Yards
Collar Weight -- 3.5 Oz
Water Proofing -- Waterproof
Rechargeable Batteries - Recharging Unit Included
7 Levels Of Stimulation.
300 Yard Range.
Waterproof, Rechargeable Collar Receiver With Internal Antenna.
Advanced (No Memory) Nimh Rechargeable Battery.
Lcd Layout.
Transmitter Uses Two 6-Volt Batteries.
Good Dog Tone Option.
Automatic Shut Off After 10 Seconds.
Designed For Any Dog.
Dogstar Supported!
Fcc Approved.
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